Flood Relief Update – 34,100L of Water and 400 food parcels delivered


pano altro trujillo
Alto Trujillo delivering water, breakfast and food.


First off…. your bloody brill, our donors raised £278 within 36-hours when I put out the call, then by the 48-hour mark, someone offered to pay for the two planned tanks outright, bringing us up to £482. Plus colleagues here have raised a further US$160. Bringing our water tank grand total to an aguatastic £609!

So a huge massive thank you to the following people; Leon, Adam, Josh, Yichun and Ella, Darren, Emma, Anna, Amy, Andrew, Jannene, Bon and little Toren, Scott and Joshua.

Separate to this, people have also sent me funds to help buy basic supplies and we’ve delivered in the order of 400 food parcels, which include pasta, rice, oats, soap, toilet paper, biscuits, tuna cans. This total reached £436!

Another huge massive thanks to; Renata, Caroline, Diane, Jacky, Daisy, Eva, Donna, Emily, GianMarco, Christine & Richard, Ashley, Sarah and Mum and Dad.

I’ve got some pretty amazing friends that within about 8 days managed to raise £1045 to help the cause.

Watch this Youtube video put together by a member of the team, where you an see your money helping Peruvian flood victims.


Water Delivery

As of 9th April, between various teams of ‘Unidos Por El Peru’ (volunteers from WindAid, HOP -Hands on Peru [an NGO] the Julca Yamona family, Cicloturism Trujillo plus other contacts), SKIP – Supporting Kids in Peru, and Espaanglish (other NGO’s in Trujillo helping those affected), the tanks have helped distribute 34,100 litres of water to areas of Trujillo in need of water. I’m pretty chuffed with that, don’t know about you.

SKIP and Espaanglish have joined forces during the weekdays and are sharing contacts and transport hiring trucks to take a tank each to their communities. Really happy to have Chayne and David on board making the most of these tanks.

Large Tankers

The large 18,000 litre tankers are still proving difficult to get hold off. We are pursuing this in addition to the tanks we’ve bought. But our friends in other NGOs have booked tankers and they’ve not shown up or called to say they can’t make it. Until that big hit for one lucky community, we’re continuing with our 1100L tanks, and trying to get them used as much as possible. Sadly the tanker drivers are being rather opportunistic, last weeks price was 250 Soles, this weeks price was 370 Soles.

Donations and Spending

Listed below is all the spend of your donations. Remaining from the Water budget is £334, and from the Food & Supplies budget is £104. Total remaining to spend is £438.

La Libertad, the region where Trujillo city is based, has been hit badly by the floods, but further North In Piura the scenes are still of disastrous flooding. We’ve made a contact in Puira with an NGO called Ayni, where they are helping communities in this region with similar basic aspects, however dengue is other mosquito diseases are a problem

I’m proposing to hold onto £100 to cover petrol and smaller costs for our Sunday events (each trip costs around £25 in petrol). This should cover the next months (4) events petrol costs.

The remaining money I would like to donate to an NGO I’ve made contact with in the Piura region called Ayni. Here’s what the founder Margie Orsi told me..

We have worked in Bajo Piura for 16 years.  We work specifically in a village called alto de los mores, about 15 minutes from one of the worst areas affected, Catacaos.   We have just bought food for 250 families to distribute in Altos.  However the people of altos have put their needs aside to help nearby communities that have lost everything.  These communities include curimori, nariguala, pedregal chico y pedregal grande, las lomas and several others in the Catacaos area.  While the community I work in has been affected and we are helping with them, we are also working through them to help other communities.  These amazing people for the last 3 days have been walking bare foot carrying sacks of food, diapers, clothing, and such for 4-6 hours a day to bring help to some of the other communities who are literally living under trees in dry patches of land because that is the only place to go.  There is little to no aid from the government.  One helicopter dropped in and left water and some clothing but that is it. The rains have started again and the river is expected to over flow again.  Whatever help you can give I can assure you we will make our greatest effort to get food, clothing, water, medicine, tarps and tents to the affected communities that I just mentioned.

 I would like to donate a sum of £334 to Ayni’s work helping people in the North of Peru.  If you have donated money to my cause, and have comments please feel free to email me directly by the 25th April 2017; stuart.llewellyn@gmail.com 

Another WindAid volunteer Javier Baranda has also run a fund raiser and has been buying food and also a 3rd water tank for us to use. We will carry on our aid events principally using Javier’s fundraising. Details (in Spanish, he’s from Spain) here;

Javier’s gofundme webpage


Record of Spending

On Friday 24th March, I bought the first 1100L  tank with your donations, and the next day I bought the second tank plus accessories (valves and pipes for the tanks).

Tank 1  = 380 Soles (£94.29)

Tank 2 + Accessories = 473.80 Soles (£117.57)

Petrol for transport = 50 Soles (£12.41)

Donation to SKIP and Espaanglish transport = 100 Soles (£24.81)

Petrol for transport (event on 9th April 2017) = 80 Soles (£19.85)

Purchased 3300L of water (event on 9th April 2017) = 25 Soles (£6.20)

Total Spend from water donations = 1108 Soles (£275.14)

Water Budget to Spend = 1346 Soles (£334.14)

Food and Basic Supplies Donations

Since 18th March, I’ve bought food or donated food and/or money to groups that are getting basic supplies to communities in need.

Food supplies for our first Sunday event – 100 Soles (£25)

Nappies and female sanitary pads for another independent event – 114.8 Soles (£28.70)

Donation to Espaanglish for their community cooking event – 150 Soles (£37.50)

Nappies and Kids T-shirts (£1.50 each x 10) = 144.31 Soles (£36.08)

Bulk purchases of rice, pasta, toilet paper, soap = 534.50 Soles (£132.63)

Bulk purchases of rice pasta, tuna cans, toilet paper, oats = 400 Soles (£99.26)

Total Spend from Food and Basic Supplies Donations = 1443.61 Soles (£359.16)

Food and Basic Supplies to Spend = 419.42 Soles (£104)

Proof of Purchase – Receipts of Purchasing the Tanks

As promised here are the photos of the receipts and the tanks themselves. (We had to change the blue one, for another black one as the top was warped and could not close the tank).


Me, Javier, Jane, Mayumi, and Jose after purchasing our first tank

Originally the plan was to sell these tanks to get more funds to buy supplies, but I’m now thinking of donating the tanks to communal kitchens in the community, as there is no piping network for them to have water. We’ll get a better idea of the situation this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting the work we’ve been doing.

If you have any feedback or comments, please get in touch with me; stuart.llewellyn@gmail.com


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